Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Makeup Brush Organization and Holder

At last, a solution to the brush problem! I bought "color fill" and a short, wide glass container at Michaels for less than $12. Works great for keeping them standing up.

The big face brushes in the tall plastic container: The container was $1 at the Dollar Store, and I filled it with 3 bags of fishtank stones of different colors. It's sort of hard to shove the brush ends into the stones, but it holds steady once they are in!

I Heart Dazzle Glasses!!

My new love affair is going to be a slow-starter! I love Dazzle Glasses. The brushes (instead of the doe foot) are awesome, the sparkle is amazing, and the texture is perfect. For now, I've only gotten Funtabulous and Money, Honey. I think these would look great on any skin tone, though I must say Money Honey Dazzle seems great for light-skinned brunettes or redheads. LOVE them... oh the pain at $18 each.

Nars Products

My Nars Collection is small, but here are some comparison photos in case you're wondering about colors, etc.

I just bought Night Breed e/s, Sin blush and Narsh e/s brush in #12. I love all of these products so far!