Sunday, January 4, 2009

The Bare Escentuals/Minerals Starter Kit

I've been wanting to write about the Bare Escentuals (or Bare Minerals) Kit for a while. I know some people swear by them, and I understand why. They are weightless yet provide coverage that's perfect for moderate makeup days.

I gave it one week. I wore it every day without any other cover up or foundation. Then, I broke out like mad. My skin is combination oily/dry, and pale, so I ended up with really dry patches (I moisturize like mad, I swear!) and pimples, with redness, too. Such a disappointment. Again, just my skin.

The warm bronzer is buildable and can be worn with anything. The mineral veil isn't as magical for me as I thought it might be, but I still enjoy the feel of it on my skin. These items are all in the starter kit from sephora for $65.

The brushes pick up a lot of whatever they touch, so use them sparingly for full coverage anything. I love brushes, and the more the merrier!

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