Saturday, January 31, 2009

Urban Decay, meet my wallet...

I recently took a trip to San Diego for a visit with my college roomy (now an awesome attorney - love you, Anna!) and took the opportunity to go to Sephora and Mac. There are NO stores of either of these near me in Oregon, so this was a massively exciting experience for me!

I had no products by Urban Decay until this trip, so I thought checking them out in person instead of playing "guess the color" online would be beneficial. I love this brand now, and got a better idea of the products they offer and the sizes they come in.
I finally picked up the Primer Potion (I'll have to order the new one, too, as it looks GORGEOUS)and am seriously pleased with the quality of this product. It is very emollient, as in smooth and lotion-like, and stays ALL DAY LONG. I need so little of it, I'm amazed. Yay!! Mac Prep + Prime, eat your heart out.
Next, I picked up two glitter pencils (I didn't get Zero because I have tons of black liners that I love). The colors are Stash (a dark crystal green) and Dime (a beautiful, bold silver) and I am truly in love with these. I think all three products were only $16 each, so very reasonable!

For you green and hazel eyed ladies, Stash is awesome at drawing out the eye color. Dime is perfect for a glittery highlight. You can outline your entire eye and it's not obnoxious at all. I'll be doing a video with Stash soon for Tarugga (Paola) to make a green smokey eye. Part of the awesomeness of these is that they can double as eye shadows and look beautiful. They smudge well before they "set" and don't crease that I've noticed.

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