Sunday, January 4, 2009

Sephora Ultimate Blockbuster Review

The Sephora Blockbuster Kit was one that I waited by the door for. I was so excited to see that Sephora had made such a great compact kit. The colors looked delicious in the pictures, and I think the case with pull-out extras is classy.

First Impression: Not worth the $48. I was disappointed that the cream shadows were so bleh with little pay-off. The lip palettes are okay, but I had to do some brush testing because they are fairly sticky and will tear the bristles off of some brushes.

I contemplated returning it. For a while. Then, it grew on me.

I started to ignore the parts I didn't like, and began using the pressed shadows and face powder/blush tray on the bottom level. The highlighter isn't the worst, and the shimmery bronzer has worked for contouring. The pink on the lower left side is thick and doesn't blend well. The pink on the top right is fab, and I'm using it often.

The shadows have been a lot of fun - now that I'm giving them a second chance. I love that I can move on step over and darken up if a color isn't working out perfectly, and the pigments in a number of the shadows are excellent. Some are cakey, but that's with any mixed palette, I believe.

So, 4/5 stars on this one.

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