Sunday, January 4, 2009

Philosophy Purity Facial Wash

I love this wash. I was hesitant, as I have very sensitive skin. Ordering online is risky, but this order paid off!
Purity is excellent for morning and night. I wet my face and neck, drop about a dime-sized amount on my hand, and lather away. While it doesn't look like a foam, you should use it like one. Apply it all over your face, then use a warm cloth or your hands to massage it into your skin for about a minute total. It will leave your skin feeling sexy soft and supple - and it removes makeup buildup around the nose.

I recommend this product to anyone with sensitive combo skin who wears foundation on a daily basis. I tend to use it after I've wiped off my eye makeup, just in case it doesn't agree with my sensitive eye area.

Follow up with a moisturizer - I've used unscented original Eucerin cream for almost a decade - and you're done!

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